Cars in the wind tunnel

Last week, we put some car models – a model of a Dodge Viper and various Formula 1 cars – into the windtunnel to see what would happen. I created deskbreeze to be able to explain the windflow on sails, but it’s also fascinating to watch the airflows around the cars.

On the Viper model, we tested different wind speeds. I found interesting, how the air dams up around the rear view mirror: I was not aware of the aerodynamic effects of rear mirrors.

When watching the Formular 1 model, we adjusted the position of the fog. You can see the really strong turbulences behind the tires. From the aerodynamic point of view, these tires are awful, even if they are not spinning.

Thanks to Gerald for the models and the videos.

Made and assembled in Austria, EU

from 3.500,- Euros + shipping cost

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